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Active Travel & Public Realm Solutions

IPL group provides a competitive source for high-quality road products and street furniture. Our RETENTION SYSTEM foundation sockets and Rivers range of street furniture are made in Ireland and are widely used throughout the country in the design, maintenance and management of public realm infrastructure from rural villages to urban streetscapes and national roads.

In Ireland, we have long-established relationships with all local authorities and public transport agencies. Together we have worked on many successful projects which include active travel, pedestrian and cycle infrastructure, to meet the continued modal shift from car to either walking or cycling. IPL group is constantly sourcing new products and developing solutions for the reallocation of road space and junction modification to facilitate mixed-use commute corridors, safe segregated cycling lanes, raised pedestrian crossings and reduced road width at crossing points. We also have solutions for greenways, safe routes to schools, school warning systems, bicycle parking and school spill-out and drop-off areas.

To ensure the success of your active travel projects and sustainable infrastructure design, we make it our job to understand local area aims, critical issues and future development plans in order to identify and implement integrated solutions of real value.

IPL group gets the best road products and street furniture working for you.

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Flexible Bollards and Lane Segregation

Quick-Flex reboundable bollards are suitable for temporary or permanent installation and widely used for delineating pedestrian areas, mixed-use commute corridors and cycle lanes. X-last flexible bollards are intended for permanent installation and offer increased safety, strength and resistance. Their strong rigid design bends under applied force or impact and returns 100% to their original shape. For protected cycle lanes, IPL group can provide moulded recycled plastic separators that can be joined together to create a continuous segregated lane to protect cyclists and prevent other vehicles entering the cycle lane.

Foundations for Public Realm Street Furniture

Installing street furniture in IPL group’s RETENTION SYSTEM sockets recognises the seasonal demands, maintenance needs and lifecycle of street furniture in the public realm. Active travel items such as pedestrian guard railings and bollards used in traffic and pedestrian areas are subject to vehicle impact and require regular maintenance. If damaged, these items can be safely and easily replaced without any further excavation and at a fraction of traditional costs once installed in IPL group’s high-quality RS sockets. Event management and pedestrian areas can also be managed effectively, and seasonal street furniture moved and stored away when not required.

Signposts, CCTV, Lighting Columns & Traffic Signals

IPL group’s passive safe Hydro aluminium poles include a range of signposts, CCTV and lighting columns, cantilever and traffic signal poles that are designed for all sizes and types of dedicated cycle lanes and mixed-use junctions. Raise and lower lighting columns and CCTV poles allow maintenance from ground level and are ideal for cycle tracks with restricted access. All poles in the range can be installed in IPL group’s RS socket foundations for routine maintenance or replacement, essential for asset management in high-traffic junctions prone to damage from vehicle impact.

Pedestrian Crossing Posts & Beacons

The Modupost is an illuminated, high performance, vandal-resistant pedestrian crossing solution. It comprises a robust corrosion-resistant base section, an LED illuminated stem and a post top Midustar LED Belisha beacon. This combination of illuminated post and beacon achieves substantially improved visibility of the pedestrian crossing for approaching drivers both day and night and ensures a greater level of safety for those crossing the road. The installation of Moduposts in high-strength RETENTION SYSTEM socket foundations makes for easy post replacement if damaged, to give additional maintenance safety and sustainability to new raised pedestrian crossing designs.

Railings, Bollards

IPL group supplies a range of railing types, including galvanised pedestrian guardrail for widened path designs, traffic islands, pedestrian crossings and other urban areas. Within our Rivers range we offer embellished railing designs with powder-coat painting suitable for streetscapes demanding a high standard of finish. All railing can be installed in RS sockets for easy maintenance and removal as necessary without further excavation. IPL group’s bollard range also provides effective solutions for pedestrian zones, access and parking control with options that include stylish automated retractable bollards and an extensive choice of fixed or removable bollard designs with features such as reflective strips, chain-link and heavy-duty impact protection.

Pencil Bollards, School Warning Systems

IPL group’s colourful pencil bollards have all the strength, flexibility and high quality associated with our range of X-last bollards. Ideal for school set-down, spill-out and drop-off points, they clearly define and protect children and pedestrian areas. In addition to their safety design and testing, these polymer bollards are also a popular choice with drivers for protection against the usual wear-and-tear of restricted school parking spaces and car door opening. When installed in reusable RETENTION SYSTEM™ sockets, this bollard gives all road users a new level in safety over traditional metal bollards and is an attractive and sustainable design option.

Cycle Stands & Bespoke Designs

IPL group understands that successful public realm infrastructure needs to evolve with community demands and the seasonal changes in how public spaces are used. We manufacture locally and can create bespoke items to suit and integrate into existing streetscapes. Outdoor seating areas can be designed with a mix of planters, bollards and screens, all of which can be removed and seasonally installed in RS foundation sockets. Streets can be pedestrianised with removable street furniture and IPL group has a range of modern and heritage style street furniture designs. Cycle parking solutions include the trusted Sheffield ‘staple’ bike stand, which can be supplied galvanised or in stainless steel and in individual units or grouped together in a ‘toast-rack’ solution.

Rustic Bollards, Seating & Display Signage

IPL group provides an environmentally sourced mix of natural and rustic pedestrian path and cycleway solutions to complement the development of Greenway routes. Our Irish-made Rivers range of classic style bollards, railings, signage, plaques and hanging baskets features in towns and villages throughout the country and at many heritage sites, parks and natural amenities. We also supply attractive, durable and eco-friendly picnic benches and seating options, including hardwood, pine wood, recycled plastic, aluminium and corten steel designs. Other items suitable for Greenways and nature trails include rustic style bins, bollards and information display plaques and signage.

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