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CLA-VAL ECO SERIES products include a CLA-VAL valve and autonomous battery powered e-Timer or e-Smart/L1 controller. The e-Timer is an easy to use Swiss time valve controller. Its rugged construction makes it suitable for even the most demanding environments even under water.

Easy to use, it allows the control of applications such as flushing of dead ends or any opening / closing on a time basis. The autonomous electronic controller e-Smart/L1 actuates the opening and the closing of valve CLA-VAL by means of a low tension bi-stable solenoid valve. Three standard programming modes are available:

e-Timer or e-Smart/L1:
  • Daily or weekly time mode.
  • e-Smart/L1:
  • Mixed mode where time is combined with an additionalopening/closing contact switch.
  • Mixed mode where time is combined with an additional opening/closing pulse flow meter.
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