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The 70 has been developed by Chemitec for industrial applications and is especially suited to the drinking water and swimming pool water treatment sectors.

It is equipped with all the analogic and digital outputs to be able to control the pump and valve actuators also in a proportional mode (PID and PWM mode). The intuitive 70 series is equipped with a user-friendly interface and touch screen for quick and simple control.

Up to eight parameters can be measured, displayed on the main screen and stored in the internal data logger, which can be consulted on the screen via graphic mode or downloaded via internal Wi-Fi mode. There are four mA outputs with PID control for the proportional control of the dosing pumps, as well as seven relays, five with 230Vac direct drive pumps.

The 70 series also includes the standard Modbus RS485 serial. The large seven “RGB 800x480 color display allows you to view all the parameters on a single screen. The exceptionally easy-to-use interface allows the calibration of the measurements and the dosage settings to be performed in just a few steps. In the absence of flow, the dedicated digital input blocks all dosages and a signal is sent via alarm relay. All information can be displayed on a smartphone or PC thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi module.


  • Wastewater
  • Fish farming
  • Boilers
  • Irrigation
  • Dairy
  • Drinking water
  • Reverse osmosis
  • CIP
  • Cooling towers
  • Galvanic process
  • 70 SERIES features and technical specifications

    Parameter Free Chlorine (Cl2) with Amperometric probe 4-20mA
    Total Chlorine with Amperometric probe 4-20mA
    Combined Chlorine
    pH with combined electrode
    ORP with combined electrode or fluoride
    Temperature pt100 3 wire
    Conductivity with K1 probe
    Turbidity with 4-20mA infrared probe
    Electrical characteristics Power supply 100-240 Vac, Class II
    Current absorption < 20W
    Output N°7 Relay 3A with resistive load (5 with power supply for the dosing pump) (2 for alarm)
    N°4 mA Out
    N°1 RS485 modbus RTU
    Display 7” TFT 800x480 RGB Color with resistive touch. 16:9
    Protection IP65
    Measure specification Free chlorine: 0-5ppm or 0-10ppm
    Total chlorine: 0-10ppm
    pH: 0-14 with temperature compensation
    ORP: -1500mV +1500mV
    Temperature: 0-100°C
    Turbidity: 0-99NTU
    Conductivity: 0-20000uS with temperature compensation
    Data Logger Flash 32Mbit, clock calendar and graphics
    Wi-Fi Internal Wi-Fi module for visualizer and setting the measure and download date, through smartphone or PC
    USB Present for upgrade firmware
    Dimensions and box material 250mmx160mmx116mm, ABS
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