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An easily deployable non-contacting, low maintenance solution for remotely monitoring open-channel flow.

The MicroFlow-T is a low power, velocity sensor certified for monitoring in hazardous environments (Zone 0). Designed for use in combination with the Cello IS or GS to provide a cost effective remote monitoring solution for open channel velocity measurements.

Key Features
  • Advanced microwave surface velocity technology
  • Measures surface velocity from 0.2 to 6m/s
  • Used in conjunction with Technolog’s CSO level sensor to provide accurate area and flow calculations
  • Waterproof to IP68
  • Remote monitoring via the Technolog web solution WaterCore
  • Advanced profile and threshold alarms
  • Low power operation
  • Non-contacting
  • Fully certified for explosive atmospheres (ATEX Zone 0)
  • Maintenance free
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