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SIS Quad is an electrical isolation system specifically for traffic signal installations. It provides four channels of monitoring allowing isolation to four separate structures. Each signal pole is fitted with a small sensor that, in the event of impact, communicates with the monitor board triggering complete LV and ELV isolation within 0.2 seconds. Mounted on a standard 3U rack within a traffic signal control cabinet, the monitor board is fully compliant with EN12767:2007 (Electrical Isolation of Passively Safe Structures) and can be used with any type of passively safe column.

  • Fully compliant with EN12767:2007
  • Suitable for use with NE, LE and HE Passively safe columns
  • Guaranteed electrical isolation of all volts within 0.2 seconds of impact
  • Guaranteed isolation even if the structure has not detached from its base
  • Provides isolation of individual traffic signal columns
  • Simple to test at commissioning stage
  • Enables safe isolation of individual columns for maintenance works
  • Provides fault outputs for impact, voltage drop and maintenance issues
  • Provides fault outputs to RMS systems
  • Successfully tested at MIRA
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