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Mechanical Meter Range

Elster H4000

The H4000 is a horizontal Woltmann-type meter designed for installation where occasional low and moderate to high sustained flows are demanded. Accuracy is maintained in both forward and reverse flow directions and there are various register/pulser options to suit the application.

The meter is for use only with potable cold water up to 120 °F (50 °C) and working pressure up to 230 psi (16 bar). The meter will perform with accuracy registration of 100% +/- 2% within normal flow. Both pressure loss and accuracy tests are made before shipment. No adjustment is needed before installation.

The H4000 is available in a number of different sizes from 1 ½" through 12" covering a wide range of flow rates for accurate measurement of potable cold water.

V200/V210 Polymer - Volumetric cold water meters

Elster is a world-leader in metering technology, with a global reputation for innovation and quality. We are now introducing the V200 and V210 polymer meters, with unsurpassed metering performance, designed to comply with all future water quality and environmental requirements.

Since the early 1980's Elster has pioneered the manufacture of polymer bodied water meters, with over a million meters installed in some of the harshest environments worldwide. Developing on this unrivalled expertise, the V200 and V210 polymer meters are able to offer real benefits during installation and operation.

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