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IPL group have access to the range of Hydro Accessories.

For protection of the lighting and flagpole columns we introduced the ground level protector in the market.
Doors are often a target for vandalism, therefore we developed the Alulock.
To make sure that the columns don't rotate in the ground we offer special ground wings.
Against the lowering of the columns in the ground we offer universal bottom plates and for installation on the ground we provide base-plates.
For a smooth street level finish, we can offer the Pave Mate to enhance the finished pole installation and protect against dirt ingress.
If vandalism is an issue for you, we can provide Anti-vandal Pins to deter CCTV damage.

  • Base Plates
  • Ground Plates/Wings
  • Ground Level Protector
  • Pave Mate
  • Alulock
  • Anti Vandalism Pins
  • Hydro Accessories Range

    Base Plates

    For the installation of lighting columns on concrete foundations, bridges and viaducts, Sapa Pole Products supplies cast-aluminium base-plates for all types of lighting columns.

    Two piece base plate
    The columns are clamped into these two-part base plates and do not require a root section. Three tiltable base-plates are available to enable lighting columns to be lowered and raised.

    One piece base plate
    Our new cast aluminium base plate is designed from one piece. The connection of the base plate to the column is realized by a crimping process. The base plate is available for the diameters 114 – 200 mm.

    Ground Plates / Wings

    Ground Plates
    Easy-to-install, twist-on ground plates prevent columns from sinking into the ground (available in all lighting column diameters).

    Ground Wings
    Easy-to-install, twist-on ground wings prevent columns from rotating in the ground (available in lighting column diameters up to 200).

    Ground Level Protector

    In order to prevent the column from being damaged at ground level (e.g. during mechanical sweeping, mowing or paving activities, or the installation of the column), Sapa Pole Products has developed the ground level protector. The fully recyclable ground level protector is made of black or grey, UV-stabilized polyethylene in the form of two half shells. These shells are installed at ground level around the column and click together.
    They normally extend to approximately 25 cm above ground level, but this can be varied if desired. Ground level protectors are factory installed by Sapa or can be included in the delivery as an accessory.


    Normally, light poles are round. This is nice and practical, because dirt cannot get stuck on the lighting columns. But for the pavement they can be quite a challenge. Sometimes the street looks like a mosaic work when there are many lighting colomns. Hydro has the solution: the Pave-Mate.

    The Pave-Mate is:
  • Installation friendly: easy to install because of a click connection.
  • Aesthetically designed: gives a smooth street image.
  • Cost-saving: weed control around the lighting colomns is no longer necessary because the tile has a seamless connecting around the lighting columns.
  • Environmental-friendly: Cradle to Cradle Certified™.
  • Suitable for ø114mm Poles

  • Alulock

    With the development of the Alulock, Hydro Pole Products' unique patented column lock, vandalism doesn't stand a chance. This column lock is fitted with a double sliding lock that can be placed against the rim of the lock opening. It is impossible to get a grip with pliers, for instance, on the oval eccentric bolt. Thanks to the inclined plane, moreover, the lock cannot be slid downward. A smart as well as practical solution against destruction.

    In addition, the Alulock is fitted with an oval stainless steel bolt with a convex butt, so the column lock can only be opened with the special key. And thanks to its ease of use, this can be done in less than no time! At its butt end, the aluminium key is fitted with a stainless steel adapter. The Alulock is universally available and can be purchased separately for all Sapa lighting columns.

    Anti vandalism pins

    To secure your (CCTV) camera's.

    In industrial remote areas where vandalism on cameras is a problem, the anti vandalism pins can be a great solution. The anti vandalism pins will make sure, your cameras cannot be reached. The poles that are used for these kinds of security cameras are mostly hinged columns. For more information on hinged columns, click here.

    If you want the pins to be coated in the same color as the column this is an also an option.
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