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Multi channel water monitoring system

Controlled and reliable measurements are driven by Kuntze Krypton® systems. The measuring system includes all customer needs for disinfectant measurement: instrument, sensors, assembly and cables.

The Krypton® Multi is a measuring system for disinfectant, pH and temperature. Additionally, ORP and 5th measurement can be added (Total chlorine or conductivity). Kuntze Krypton® Multi are delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

Krypton Multi‘s® water measurement process can be controlled at any time, from any place, on any device via Kuntze‘s Cloud Connect® service. All Kuntze products are Made in Germany.



  • Disinfectants
  • Free chlorine, chlorine dioxide: 0..1000µg/l, 0.. 5.00 / 10.00 / 20.00 mg/l
  • Ozone: 0..1000µg/l, 0.. 5.00 / 10.00 mg/l
  • Hydrogen peroxide: 0.. 30.00 mg/l
  • Temperature
  • 0.. 50.0 °C (32.. 122 °F)
  • pH
  • 0-14.00 pH
  • Redox potential (optional)
  • -1500.. +1500 mV
  • 5th measuring input (optional)
  • Total Chlorine: 0.. 10.00 mg/l or Conductivity: 0 - 100,0 mS/cm
  • Digital Inputs
  • Flow control, external controller stop, 2x level control, activation 2nd or 3rd control parameter set

Krypton® Multi Accessories

Radon Des- pH

The Radon photometer is used for measuring of Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide, Ozone, Hydrogen peroxide and pH. Accurate and consistent results are obtained quickly. Delivery contents is everything neede to measure Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide and Ozone. The delivery content conains evrything needed for measuring Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide and Ozone. For measurement of Hydrogen peroxide you need a H2O2-addon and for the pH measurement the reagent phenolred.

S-341 Data Logger

The Bus data logger S-341 receives, displays and stores measuring data for up to 10 Kuntze instruments (K100 and K400).

Test Plug DES

With the test plug you can check the function and connection of our disinfection measurement - not for Total Chlorine measurement (not TCl).

Zirkon® DES 231612500

Zirkon® DES 231612500 is standard for measuring free Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide or Ozone. If you want to measure in brine please use Zirkon DES Pool 237813500.

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