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The AquaScat measures turbidity of potable water according to IEC 27027 using 90+° scattered light detection in a free-falling water stream. This contactless design eliminates window foiling and minimizes servicing to a minimum. Calibration check is performed with a calibration unit that is either mounted to perform the check or that is already built in (depending on variant).


  • Turbidity measurement in raw water
  • Monitoring of flocculation and dosage of flocculants
  • Filtration monitoring of filter performance and back-wash control
  • Turbidity measurement in treated and final waters
  • Turbidity monitoring of water in storage and distribution networks
  • Turbidity measurement in process and waste waters
  • Potable Water Treatment Works
  • Waste water treatment
  • Industrial water production

  • Features

  • True non-contact measurement in free-fall stream (models WTM, WTM A, HT)
  • Dual beam measurement in optimized cell (model P)
  • Re-calibration with secondary standard (fully automatic at model WTM A)
  • Lowest stray light levels
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Convenient operation via touch screen
  • Graphical display of trends and/or values
  • Visualization of measured values over the past month
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