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SIS Underground is an electrical disconnection system designed specifically for isolation of individual illuminated columns. Each pole or column is fitted with a small sensor that, in the event of impact, communicates with the monitor board triggering complete LV and ELV isolation within 0.2 seconds.

The SIS Underground unit is housed within an IP67 enclosure and located on an equipment shelf inside an underground STAKKAbox™ Access Chamber, near to the column it is protecting. The system is fully compliant with EN12767:2007 (Electrical Isolation of Passively Safe Structures) and can be used with any type of passively safe column.

  • Fully compliant with EN12767:2007
  • Suitable for use with NE, LE and HE Passively safe columns
  • Suitable for use with 6 – 25mm SWA cable
  • IP67 Enclosure with clear front casing
  • Located on removable shelf within 40 tonne STAKKAbox™ Access Chamber
  • IP68 in-line plug and socket system
  • Guaranteed electrical isolation of all volts within 0.2 seconds of impact
  • Guaranteed isolation even if the structure has not detached from its base
  • Provides isolation to an individual structure or circuit
  • Optional water detection cut-off
  • Provides fault outputs for impact, voltage drop and maintenance issues
  • Fault outputs can be connected to CMS or RMS systems
  • Simple to test at commissioning stage and for periodic maintenance
  • Successfully tested at MIRA
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