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IPL group is a provider of infrastructure solutions to national utilities and of critical goods and services for water and gas infrastructure. In this capacity we are open and working to meet the essential requirements of our customers.

As per Irish Government advice and restrictions of 28th March, we will operate with only the agreed minimum staff needed to travel for work and that will be strictly to our warehouses for product despatch and processing or to attend site on an essential issue or emergency call-out.

Our sales and office staff are working from home and available (by phone and email) to assist you on quotations, answer questions and give ongoing support for both current and up and coming projects.

Brian Delaney
Sales Manager
Mobile: 087 131 4662
Ken Clinton
Technical Sales
Mobile: 087 927 7402
David Mullaniff
Sales Manager
Mobile: 087 900 6240
Gerry Kelly
Technical Sales
Mobile: 087 170 0633
Eoin Kiely
Technical Sales
Mobile: 087 788 3806
Alan Bambrick
Technical Sales Engineer
Mobile: 087 368 6655
Damien Cordial
Business Development Manager
Water & Instrumentation
Mobile: 087 9480 449
Thomas McDonald
Business Development Manager
Roads & Street Furniture
Mobile: 087 960 0538

For urgent assistance please call:

Emergency Product Supply: 087 927 7402

Emergency Service Work: 087 953 9981

We thank you for your cooperation and remain committed to providing you with the best technical services, quality products and infrastructure solutions.

The above is valid for the duration of the Government advice until April 12th, or until such a point as the Government stands down current restrictions.