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IPL group offer the exclusive X-last® pencil style reboundable bollard. Designed and developed inconjunction with Sabacaucho, who, after many years of research and manufacturing experience in elastomers, have formulated a unique combination of composite polymers with reinforcing nanoparticles to produce a bollard that optimises rigidity and flexibility.

This new bollard has strength and resistance but will bend under applied force or impact and then return 100% to its original shape. X-last® bollards are extremely durable, they do not rust and perform well against the wear-and-tear of today’s urban applications. They are available in a range of designs, finishes and are suitable for traffic control, roadside delineation, car park applications and many more common uses.

X-last low Head Impact Criterion (HIC) makes these pencil bollards suitable for use around cycle routes and pedestrian spaces. X-last bollards have 50% less enviormental impact than traditional steel bollards. Impact resistant polyurethane construction, available in a range of RAL colours.

Each bollard is complemented with a decorative top in the style of an eraser. This bollard can be specified either ground-fixed or removable with RS socket. Suitable for roadside installation as passively safe to EN12767 100NE4, CE marked to EN12899-4.

IPL group exclusively supply X-last® bollards in Ireland and Poland. When installed in reusable RETENTION SYSTEM™ sockets, the X-last® bollard gives all road users a new level in safety over traditional bollards and is an attractive and sustainable design option for public and private infrastructure management.

  • Extremely Duarble
  • 100% Rust Proof
  • Bounces Back To Original Shape
  • Other bollards in the X-last® Range

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